Motivation through Rejection

Rejection can be a powerful motivator.

That may not make sense to some people but it is all a part of my new outlook.

I cannot lie. Receiving a rejection email for a job did raise a lot of negative responses in me. I very quickly shut them down.

A little "voice" inside me is telling me that awesome things are just around the corner. I just need to hold on because they are coming.

Funny how when you feel so close to hitting the bottom and despair is trying to move in and take over, something happens that turns it all around.

In the middle of this dark time, I can feel the light is still there and it is getting stronger.

Something is going to happen that will reward me for the struggles that I have been coping with. I just know it.

I think back to other difficult times in my life and as the saying goes "it is always darkest before the dawn".

True. My getting angry, frustrated, sad or depressed is not going to help me keep a clear head and be able to see the opportunities that are going to be presented to me. I cannot get sucked into worry over the huge financial difficulties that I have been facing. I continue to try and find a solution even though at times it feels like I am getting nowhere. I have been here before. I made it through. I remember how it felt when it all turned around.

So I remind myself to just hold on...the journey through this darkness is almost over. I have had the strength to cope and I look forward to being grateful for the lesson by enjoying the reward.

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