Adventures In Retail

No matter what the media tries to sell us, it isn't all that easy to find a job these days.

Personally I know so many people who are underemployed, unemployed or barely scraping by. It is what it is and we all have our struggles.

I accepted a retail position knowing what retail is like. Dealing with the public is never fun; sorry but people can be really rude.

Not to mention the fact that it is high-stress on your body, especially for someone like me who is struggling to cope with chronic pain.

I am grateful to have a steady paycheck although it is the lowest hourly rate I have worked at since I was a teenager (seriously) it is better than NO paycheck.

Why did I accept this job knowing full-well what I was getting into?

The paycheck. Bills need to get paid and I am tired of excuses. It is frustrating to sit back and hope for "things" to get better. At least I am helping my household to scrape by a little.

Being "out there" also might make something else happen. I don't know who I am going to meet, what opportunity might come my way or what idea might pop into my head. Being out in the world will show me doors I might not have seen concentrating on working from home exclusively.

It is a different world than it was just a short time ago. Those who have lost their jobs due to the economy survive only if they accept what they cannot change. Reinventing yourself and adjusting to the changes is the only way to make it.

Will retail be my future? I doubt it. For now it is what I do part time.

Like life, it is an adventure.

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