Enjoying the Ride

It has been a helluva week. After not working full time for more than 3 years, I finally got the opportunity to enter back into that hectic life of balancing work and home.

It was exhausting, no doubt about it but I had high hopes that finally my finances would recover.

I spoke too soon.

After returning from work yesterday I received a phone call that still feels surreal. I was let go after my employer decided that outsourcing my department was a more efficient way for them to do business.

Although I didn't much like the work I was doing yesterday I felt I had finally figured out how to make it more bearable. Now it doesn't matter. I am back to being unemployed and broke.

There is that voice inside me that is crying in frustration but I am fighting to keep positive about this latest blow.

It is time for me to get even more aggressive than I was a week ago and find those hidden opportunities that are out there.

I just want the struggle to end and it felt like I was there. Maybe it still is close? I sure hope so.

In the meanwhile all I can do is enjoy the ride. Ups and downs, elation and despair; it is all a part of life right now.

Will "things" calm down? Will I finally get to live a life where the uncertainty is gone?

I have to believe that something better is out there and this abrupt change is making way for it to happen.

Please let it happen soon.

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