Save a Life

Out of nowhere, my 8 year old orange tabby Pokey became very ill. He was lethargic and vomiting. The local vet diagnosed him as having a urinary blockage and his kidney function was low. He was admitted to a 24 hour hospital and he has been there now since Monday.

The prognosis is not good unless he can get surgery to scrape mineral deposits from his bladder.

Problem is that finances are tough. I recently (finally) returned to full time employment after YEARs of struggling with part time jobs here and there (between health issues and just not being able to find employment - things have been tough)

I am looking for a second job but it is not going to come fast enough for Pokey. This is why I am doing something I thought I would never ever do- swallow my pride and ask for help.

It isn't for me, it is for Pokey.

This cat could have a good life. It isn't his time yet. Just because his owner does not have the resources doesn't mean he should die.

donate by using chipin or the paypal link on the side of this post. Pokey and his family thanks you.

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