Have you ever wanted something so badly that you visualized it and hoped it would become a reality?

Do you believe in the power of your mind?

If our thoughts eventually become our reality, is there harm in holding onto the belief that it is all going to be okay?

Yes maybe "things" won't be as you pictured them but they will be how they are meant to be.

Have you ever jumped the gun and believed something to be your reality when you actually were not listening closely enough?

It is embarrassing to say the least and kind of a downer to believe something is happening that you worked hard for, hoped for and "saw" coming only to find out that you misinterpreted the entire situation.

Coming clean and owning up to your misunderstanding is necessary because you cannot make believe something is what it is not. Disappointments happen and sometimes our need for everything to be okay RIGHT NOW makes us not see the reality of what really is.

Recently having had such an experience I am now trying to move on from the disappointment. I feel dumb but I also feel more prepared. I learned a lesson and that is always good. I am going to try to keep the faith and I still feel that giving up is not an option.

I have my dreams and goals and I refuse to let them go. My life is not over and I have much I want/need/must do.

So I move on smarter and wiser.

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