9 to 5

We are a society that is always in a rush. We work jobs that most of us hate and we are slaves to them.

I left this "life" 3+ years ago and was determined to never return to the rat race. It was a nice break- maybe too nice.

Next week I go back to full time employ. There is one reason and one reason only for me doing this.

The MONEY. (why is it ALWAYS the money?)

I have tried (in vain) the past several years to make up for my lost paycheck by different self-employment ventures. Although I made some money, it was never quite enough to replace that 40 hour a week job.

In this economy I know that I am lucky to have found fulltime employment. I have looked for years and after taking a few part time jobs, I knew the only way to not dread the 15th of the month was to jump all the way in.

I have enjoyed a level of freedom that few get to experience. I got to explore my writing and my creative side. I even earned money doing things that I love. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to pay the bills.

People say that you should do what you love and the money will follow. That isn't always true. Others say that you shouldn't focus on the money. HELLO??? What should I tell my landlord?

In the real world money matters and when you do not have it, stress follows no matter what you are doing with your time.

I am hoping that this new venture into full time employment will not consume me the way it did in the past. I strive to find that balance between what I must do and what I need to do to be happy. This time around I am playing by new rules. My job will not own me the way my last one did. Life is short and although I am doing what I have to do it is going to have to work for me also.

I am out to prove that you can have it all- attitude can change everything.

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