Bah Humbug

Christmas is the holiday where Christians celebrate the birth of their savior. Although I was raised as a Christian, my childhood memories do not really reflect the "meaning" of what this holiday is supposed to be.

As an adult I have moved away from the celebration and am almost to the point where it is just like any other day.

It is a great sense of relief to not feel the pressure of making "it" all perfect.

What for???

When did Christmas become about what gifts you give? I look back on Christmases past and remember trying to hunt down the popular toys of the day, maxing out charge cards and generally feeling a lot of stress trying to make everything just right.

For what? This is what Jesus wants?

How many people who partake in this madness actually are even followers of Jesus?

How many are really even Christians?

I know many who are not but still partake in this madness because, well, I don't know why? Maybe because in this country it is hard not to.

Between the shopping madness and being bombarded by "Christmas" everywhere you turn, I guess it is hard to not fall into the status quo.

I followed the "tradition" of what I was raised to do. Aside from the whole "Santa" thing (I'll explain that another time) I did the traditional stuff with my kids. As a parent of 5 I struggled financially to give them the perfect Christmas and overindulged them year after year.

Then one year it all changed for me. I don't know what the catalyst was. I guess that I finally woke up and said enough.

Christmas is so far removed from what the bible says it should be about and no one seems to care. They go along with it year after year.

Many Christians would argue that it is the whole "spirit" of giving and blah blah blah that is important.

As someone who is not a Christian I came to decide that I don't need to be a part of this madness. Life is tough enough without having to try and live up to some crazy idea of how the holidays are supposed to be.

Maybe some Christians who read this are thinking that this all has something to do with a lack of faith or something. They'll probably leave comments that they will pray for me.

I do have faith but it is not defined by being a part of any organized religion. I don't begrudge anyone who feels differently- respect my right to my beliefs and I will respect yours.

Pray for me if you choose to. I don't reject positive energy being sent my way or good intentions.

What I do reject is the idea of falling into what everyone else is doing when it is so clear to me that it makes no sense.

Gifts are given out of obligation without any real thought behind them. Sure there are those who genuinely do give out of the goodness of their hearts but for so many it seems that it is an obligation.

Show me you care the other 364 days of the year by showing compassion, understanding and love. This whole "Christmas" thing feels tainted by commercialism and a false sense of "spirit".

It has been for a long time. Guess I have finally had enough.

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