Ignoring the Obvious

I'm pretty sure that this blog post is going to piss some people off but I'm the type who calls it like I see it. The massacre in Connecticut and its' aftermath is all over the news and social media and it doesn't look like it is going away anytime soon.

Now that the funerals are beginning and more information is coming out, there are disturbing details about the shooter that many pro-gun advocates seem to want to ignore.

Not to speak ill of the dead and I certainly do not want anyone to think that I am suggesting that the mother of Adam Lanza was "asking for it" or anything like that but- she was aware that her son had emotional issues.


Yes, I get it. We have a right to bear arms. Shouldn't some discretion have been taken in this case?

Please don't tell me that this mother had no clue that her son had tendencies towards going postal.

Was she really in so much denial over her son's mental imbalance that it never crossed her mind?

Did she really think that just because she raised her sons with guns in the household and taught them how to shoot and take care of weapons that her son would never use guns to kill people?

Why did that thought never cross her mind?

Now of course I am making assumptions here but had she thought for one minute that there was a possibility that having guns in her home could have been a bad idea, why were they still there?

According to reports she spent time in her local bar talking to people about how she was worried about her son. I'm sure that she tried to get her son mental health care and I do understand how frustrating a process that is.

I still feel that there is no good reason why anyone should own these kinds of weapons.

Today I noticed how some people are saying that teachers should be allowed to carry weapons in school. Really? That is just sick.

There has never been a mentally unbalanced teacher?

The only people who should be trusted to carry a firearm (in my opinion) are those whose job it is to protect us- the police and armed forces.

You want to go target shooting because you like to? Ever heard of a paint gun? Why do you have to target shoot with a weapon that in the wrong hands or with the wrong intention can be used to murder?

Ugh. I know it sounds like I am some throw-back from the 60s flower child era but the truth is that I have heard way too many stories of guns in the home being used in anger and often being used against the owner.

I just don't see any good reason to own one.

Again I hope I didn't give anyone the wrong impression. I am sad for all who lost their lives due to the acts of a very disturbed young man. I am sad for his mother whose ignorance caused her to lose her life. No one deserves to die this way.

This country is a mess and until we start to address the issues that keep causing events like this one to happen, they will be repeated.

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