Writing web content is much different from being a print writer or an author. Although you can track your views that you get from your online content, you really don't know who is reading what you put out there in cyberspace.

When you work a job in the "real" world that has nothing to do with your online presence, you can sometimes forget that you have another life online.

As someone who (technically) has only been out in the full-time work force for a relatively short time, I have struggled to find my place in it.

I'm a misfit.

It really doesn't bother me too much; I don't want to fit in where I have been. It just isn't me.

The problem is that when you depend upon a paycheck for survival you have to succumb to trying.

Finding the right place to earn that much needed paycheck has been an interesting ride. In the beginning I was lucky to be afforded many different opportunities.

As the economy tanked and I got older, those chances got less.

Taking time off and exploring freelance writing opened up a new world to me. I was able to indulge my passion (writing), dabble in e-commerce and made a lot of interesting connections. I "met" people I never would have just working a survival job in the real world.

I've come to another crossroads and I'm looking to see which door to open. I know what I don't want and because of this I have stayed too long doing what I am doing. There's no sense in jumping into another wrong job.

The people I work with probably think they know me. They don't have a clue and it makes me laugh.

If any of them read anything I have published online they might see another side of who I am.

Some articles warn people to "clean" up their online presence. I am not ashamed of what I have written online. I am not ashamed of who I really am. I might have to play a role to get a job in order to fit in to what a company wants but it is just a paycheck for me. Most of my jobs have only been stepping stones on the path of life.

If I am to be judged by what my online presence says about me, so be it. It is closer to the real me than my co-workers know.

I don't fit in to a mold. I don't try to.

The world is full of people who stress themselves out daily trying to live their lives the way others think they should. They live a life striving to be politically correct and follow along.

I'm not a follower.

I'm a misfit and that's okay by me.

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