13 Days Later

Recovering from surgery is a personal journey. To compare it to anyone elses' recovery is not fair. I am me. My experiences are mine and although there may be similarities, ultimately, no one's hysterectomy is mine.

My doctor is in agreement that my recovery has been fantastic. I have been blessed with none of the typical menopausal symptoms that often happen when a woman is put into surgical menopause.

Even my swollen belly isn't too bad. I was able to sit up on my own from the moment I woke up from the anesthesia. I think what held me back the most was the amount of demerol they gave me after surgery.

Getting the aftereffects of the anesthesia out of my body was frustrating but once they left I really started to feel pretty good.

If not for the incision I would wonder if I even had a procedure done.

Yes, there is no pain anymore; not that I had the pain every day but the problem was I never knew when it would come.

I don't mourn the loss of my reproductive system. It was good to me when I needed it but now the shop is closed. I don't feel sadness about it at all.

It's funny but a few days post-surgery I spent some time reading message boards written by women who had hysterectomies.

Some felt "less of a woman" after their surgery. I really have to feel sad for these women. My reproductive system does not make me any more or less of a woman. Maybe I am naive but should I feel less of a woman? That is just crazy.

Some women also feel their mortality so much more after this major surgery is done. Yes my childbearing years are over and I am getting older but I certainly don't feel like I've got one foot in the grave!

It is a relief to not have to experience the pain and heavy bleeding from fibroids anymore. I had a problem and after trying other treatments it became clear that this was the best treatment for me.

Removing my reproductive organs was a means to an end. Nothing more.

I am grateful that my body is healing so well. I am grateful to not be in pain and for having had very little pain overall.

I look forward to getting back to my "normal" life without having this condition holding me back.

Compared to others I have had a really good recovery so far. That is not to bash anyone else. Everyone heals differently. Everyone's journey might be similar but it is not the same.

Two days ago I was ready to go back to work (or so I thought) and thankfully I didn't set anything in stone. I woke up the next day with zero energy and I wondered what the hell I was thinking.

I am recovering after all and even this superwoman needs a bit more time.

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