Everyone Is a Liar

I love selling on eBay. It is a hobby of mine but some days I seriously wonder why I do it.

I just got an e-mail that one of my buyers is requesting a return because an item I sold them arrived damaged. It annoys me because the buyer said the item looked like it had been crazy glued together. The item in question was a pretty pair of sterling silver turquoise earrings.

I swear they were perfect when I put them in a bubble wrap envelope and mailed them away. What happened to them when they left my hands is out of my control.

So the USPS has done it again. I assume that they were man-handled and somehow on their way from New Jersey to Arizona, they were damaged.

I asked the buyer for a photo to document the alleged damage. I will refund her after seeing proof.

My husband believes that just about everyone is always trying to "get over". I honestly disagree with him. I have "met" so many genuine people through my selling and writing online. I do not share his beliefs.

I hope this buyer proves me right and sends me a photo that shows it was the USPS who caused this and not just someone who wants something for nothing.

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