Caitlyn Jenner Revealed!

Social media is a buzz today with the sneak-peek of the upcoming Vanity Fair cover of Caitlyn Jenner. Formerly known as Olympic hero and Kardashian step-father Bruce Jenner, the world has been waiting to see this reveal as Caitlyn begins her life as her authentic self.

Let me just say she looks good! Yes unlike many of us regular folk, she has the money to fix what is wrong and I think so far she looks pretty good. There is an inner happiness that shows through and that I believe is called living your authentic life!

What will this public sharing of a highly personal issue really do for the trans community? My hopes are that it gives people courage to live their own authentic lives. Will it change the minds or educate those who don't even know what being transgender is? I don't know.

Hate comes from judging what one does not understand. Compassion is needed in this life and sadly, too many people are either fixated on what their "religion" is telling them or what prejudices they have been taught.

The concept of being born into the "wrong" body doesn't make sense to many people. A lot of people just think that it is a mental illness. Can you even imagine what it must be like to be repulsed by your own body? Knowing that you do not feel comfortable in your own skin? It is more than the feeling that some people might experience when going through puberty and the physical, emotional and psychological changes occur.

For many transgenders these feelings happen from the time they are young children. Imagine growing up and knowing that something is wrong but you just don't know what. You hit puberty and all these changes happen but you feel unable to adjust to them. It is not feeling like an "ugly duckling" or anything like that. It is feeling that the sex you are inside is not reflected in the body you are inhabiting.

It can feel like a daily nightmare until you are able to express who you truly are by reflecting that through making changes to your appearance to reflect what is inside. In order for a trans person to live an authentic life they need to feel that people will accept their truth. They need to be respected. They need to be allowed to live just as anyone else.

Caitlyn Jenner is being accused of doing "this" for money. Sure her new reality show will earn her a paycheck but we all need money to survive. Opening up and sharing her journey is a brave thing to do. She is finally going to live a true life. Her story can help change the world.

It is sad that it has taken her such a long time but instead of focusing on that I'd rather focus on her now and her future. I hope it is a long and happy one.

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