LOST finale

Around watercoolers everywhere, this morning LOSTIES will be discussing last night's finale. As I am unemployed, this is as close to a watercooler that I am going to get. So what was YOUR take on last night's episode??? Personally, I enjoyed all the reunions. If my anti-depressant didn't have me so numbed out, I might even have cried at the touching reunions of couples who had been torn apart only to be reunited. Sawyer and Juliet, Sun and Jin, Sayid and Shannon and even Kate and Jack. The last ten minutes of the finale was when the big "reveal" came- they were all dead. DUH! I should have seen this coming, seems that way back when, it was a thought that this was some in between life and death place. The ending was bittersweet, I could have many questions but somehow, I do feel satisfied. Are we supposed to take from 6 seasons of LOST the idea that we are all connected? Who we touch does mean something after all? Even in death we still love and need connections? I don't know...what do YOU think????

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  1. All "Lost" lovers will probably find this hard to believe, but I don't live too far from where they did a lot of the filming for the series. Yet, I've never once watched an episode. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I don't like to start a series playing catch up, so if I didn't catch the first episode or season, I don't bother. Ooops! :)