Let's talk about mental illness

Let's talk about mental illness is a new blog I started so that I could focus on something very important to me. Sharing information that I have learned and educating those who know nothing about mental illness means that I am doing something positive. Fighting the stigma against the mentally ill is something that I feel very passionate about.

I am not ashamed and maybe I am just a very brave person but really that is not true. Accepting the things that you cannot change does take courage but what other option is there? Life may be hard at times but it is also quite wonderful. Being blessed with good friends, family and having the opportunity to make a difference is something to be happy about.

Mental illnesses are not always easy to deal with but neither is heart disease, diabetes or other chronic medical conditions. If mental illness is a disease of the brain, the brain is an organ and how is it so different from gallbladder disease or any other organ disorder? Is it because it effects the way someone acts?

What is "normal" anyway? Is anyone bold enough to leave a comment and tell me that they have no issues to deal with? I think not. Everyone has something to overcome or learn to deal with. No one is without fault and no one is perfect. We are all unique human beings. Have compassion for those whose struggles are more than yours. Don't assume that because someone has been diagnosed as being bipolar (for example) that they should be pitied or shunned. Bipolar people still have feelings and they are still productive members of society. Bipolar disorder varies in severity and some people cope better than others. This is true about all people, bipolar or not.

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