Monday mornings. Those two words can bring a variety of emotions. To the long-term unemployed like me, it just means yet another Monday morning that I do not have a job to go to. It is days before Christmas so I very much doubt that any of the resumes or applications I have sent out are going to make a difference right now.
Seriously, not many employers are looking to hire anyone right before the holidays.
I accept that. Not much that I can do.
So as I sit here and wait for the holidays to come and be gone, I just try to hang on.
My unemployment ran extensions left for me. Less one income when you are used to two is a lesson in how to live on even less.
Trying to have "faith" that "things" will get better is getting tougher.
I have bills to pay with little money to pay them. Christmas in my house will not be as plentiful as in years past.
That's okay...tons of gifts is not what Christmas is about.
This morning my car broke down. I have an idea what it is...not an easy fix for a DIY repair. Way too costly for me to take it somewhere. So now what?
I am fresh out of answers.
I am also fresh out of hope.
I know that I am not alone in my struggles. There are families that are worse off. I am grateful for having a roof over my head and food to feed my family.
I am grateful that my husband has a job.
I am thankful for my family and good friends who continue to encourage me and listen to me vent.
I just want someone to tell me when it is going to get easier.
I just want to know when I can stop getting hit with all these "challenges".
I, like many people have had enough.

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