Parenting "Expert"

I have been a mom my entire adult life. For the last 10 years, I also had the pleasure of being a stepmom to 3 boys.

When my last boss abruptly closed his business that employed me, it was right before Christmas and jobs were scarce. After I cleaned my house, put out almost every Christmas decoration I owned and then got bored, I discovered writing.

As my confidence grew, I began to take on more writing challenges and on one site I became a Featured Contributor Parenting Expert . I really don't like the term "expert".

Although my wonderful children and stepsons have made sure that I have experienced just about every childhood disease, conflict and situation that a good soap opera writer could imagine, how I have handled these life challenges does not make me an expert.

Who really can say that they are an expert in parenting? Every child is unique. Life is not black and white but contains many different shades of gray.

If my advice, taken from life experiences and research, helps anyone; I am happy. If it makes you laugh along with me, that is great.

Being a parent is the hardest yet most rewarding role you will ever have. I am blessed. I know it. I am thankful and I never ever take that for granted.

My kids are great. They are not perfect ( NO KIDS ARE!)  but for the most part, they are happy. We all have our moments.

I am blessed to have them be a big part of my life. I do not get much quiet time but hey, I am okay with that.

I have the best husband who understands that he comes 6th. I love him for it. He is a smart man.

So, as I take a break from writing my "unique" content for my January parenting featured articles, I want to raise the question, what exactly IS an expert?

Even though my "children" are no longer babies (the youngest is a teen), I am still learning the ropes of parenting on a daily basis. It changes as they do.

Leave me your feedback and tell me where do you go for parenting advice?

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