Working from Home

There may be jobs out there for the taking but if they are out there, they are not within my reach.

Like many people, settling for a minimum wage job is not going to pay my bills. Not that I have been offered anything at all to turn down.

It has been a tough journey to find employment after being unemployed long-term.

Not everyone is able to relocate to find work. Most cannot. It just isn't feasible no matter how badly they need an income.

Commuting an hour or more to a job is also not feasible for many. Child care concerns, time, money and other reasons make the idea of looking for work far from home something that is not for everyone.

The next option is working from home.

Starting an online writing career is something that many people do and often for all the wrong reasons. Get-rich-quick by living off of residual income is a ploy that many unscrupulous "writers" boast about.

It isn't true. Yes, there are people who wrote for eHow who are now enjoying some nice residual monthly payments. Are they rich? Define what rich means to you. eHow's writer compensation program is now closed which means you can no longer submit self-published articles to the site. Anyone who is earning money there now must be accepted by their parent company Demand Studios. This involves an application process and many who wrote successfully for eHow were turned down by Demand.

I get residual pay from eHow every month. eHow was the first site I wrote for and some of the articles I wrote I am embarrassed by. Let's just say that I have learned a lot in the 2+ years I have been writing web content.

Most people who write online content write for several sites, have a personal blog or two and many have a day job. The ones who don't are usually not self-supporting. It is a dream, a goal, something to strive for.

Personally, writing is a passion for me. I enjoy residual income. I also like the upfront pay I get but it isn't big money. Maybe someday it will be.

My goals are to worry less about what I cannot control and learn how to roll better with the punches.

I am always learning and really, we all are. That is what life is.

Be realistic about your expectations when choosing to work from home. Whatever you choose to do, if you enjoy it you will find success.

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