Bullying and your teenager

Why is bullying such a big issue in our schools today? Remember way back when you were in school. Everyone has their tale to tell about bullying.

Today the problem is getting attention because all too often, it leads to suicide and violent behavior.

Some teens are handling bullying in a new and alarming way. The scariest part about this growing trend is that the bullied teen's parents are right on board with how they want to handle being a victim of teasing.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming a growing trend for teens who are being teased about their appearance.

I recently read about a five year old whose mother takes her for Botox treatments twice a year because of facial imperfections. Botox? For a five year old!!!!!

Sorry, but, I am a mom and that is just plain sick.

What are we teaching our children? Yes, the bully is right to tease you about your big nose. It's okay. We'll fix it. I will allow my teen to have risky plastic surgery so that she/he won't be the victim of teasing anymore.

Seriously? Let's just teach our children to give in to the bullies. Let's not teach them that maybe it isn't all about looks.

Learning how to love yourself for the body you were born with is not a horrible lesson.

There always is the person who cannot stop having plastic or cosmetic surgery in a quest to become "perfect".

Hello people? There is no perfect body, face or woman/man.

Bullies are bullies because they are usually victims themselves. They seek out someone who is more vulnerable than they are and they find something that will trigger the response they are looking for.

Allowing your teen to undergo surgery which is always a risk just so that they feel "better" about themselves is dangerous. You are sending a message to your teen that it is all about looks. You are also telling them that they are not worthy of being loved unless they look a certain way.

These are just some of the mixed messages that you are sending to a teen or child with low-self esteem when you approve them having cosmetic surgery.

What do you think?

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