Alaina Giordano - Who is Really Going to Suffer?

Well it seems that Alaina Giordano's story is picking up speed. A web news page in the UK has picked up on it and the story click here does not hold back. I have chosen my words carefully when speaking about this case and avoided naming names and certainly would not show pictures. This family (the children especially) is going through enough.

In case you are not familiar with Alaina Giordano's story, after a 4 day divorce trial, a female judge ruled that Alaina's husband should have full custody of their two children, ages 5 and 11. He had left the family in Durham, North Carolina in August of 2010 and moved to Chicago, Illinois where he has been living and working

As this story spreads across the web, many people are mixed about the court's decision. Some assume that Alaina must have done something horrible and cannot believe that a judge based her decision upon Alaina's stage 4 breast cancer. Others see her husband as a cold and uncaring man. The fact is that some divorces get ugly. Parents often use their children as pawns and in this case, there are many factors involved.

People who have lived through cancer say that having their family to support them is what helped to get them through. Others ignore that Alaina's cancer is contained and feel that putting her children through watching her slowly die is too painful and the children should be spared this.

Alaina's husband did not need to take a job out of state. How could you even think about disrupting your wife's cancer treatments and uprooting your children when their mother is fighting for her life?

No one knows what went on in the home of this family but no matter what, it would be in this man's best interests to work out something for the sake of his relationship with his children. Does he really think that down the road they are going to thank him for taking them away from their mother while she was living out the last years of her life?

There is no one who can say how long Alaina will be able to live the way she is now. She is functioning well and is caring for the children on her own. Yes it is totally possible that the cancer (which is in her bones) can make her condition worsen although as of now it is contained.

I remember when it was announced that Elizabeth Edwards cancer had moved to her bones. She continued to live a full and rich life, with her children, and according to media reports, managed to stay well for quite some time. No one can predict what will happen when you have breast cancer. People beat the odds every day and some don't.

Most people would agree that John Edwards treated his wife horribly by cheating on her and fathering a child but he didn't try to take their children away from her just because she had terminal cancer. Alaina Giordano's husband makes John Edwards look like a nice guy.

I don't know Alaina's husband and maybe people would say that I shouldn't be criticizing his choices. I am sorry but these are your children and it is tough enough for them to be going through your divorce. Why not make it easier on them? Find a compromise to this situation.

Children should never be used as pawns in a divorce. These children are also dealing with two battles. They will most likely be losing their mother to breast cancer. This will be devastating enough. Now because of divorce they will lose their mother due to a judge's ruling.

Joint custody is a much healthier option for children of divorce. I hope that a resolution can be found that will make life a little easier on these children. It is sad when divorce gets ugly and breast cancer is a cruel disease that affects too many.

There are many things in this life that we cannot control but we can make choices that make what happens in life less painful. Here's to hoping that someone decides to re-think choices that have been made and do right by these children.

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