Inside Edition Covers Alaina Giordano Custody Story

Alaina Giordano shouldn't lose custody of her kids because she has breast cancer and now she is getting national media attention. Inside Edition aired an interview with Alaina today.

The family court papers spell out the shocking decision: "Children who have a parent with cancer need more contact with the non-ill parent," therefore, "the children's primary residence shall be with their father."

The biggest problem with this decision is that Alaina is receiving treatment for breast cancer at the Duke Cancer Institute and cannot possibly be a part of her children's lives if they are to move to Illinois to live with their father. Duke Cancer Institute is located in Durham, North Carolina where the family has been residing. The father moved to the Chicago, Illinois area in August of 2010 and has made sporadic visits to the children since that time.

A Facebook page has attracted attention from people all over the world. At latest count, over 4,500 people were in support of Alaina's fight to keep her children in spite of her cancer diagnosis.

Getting national media attention for this case is great. People should be outraged that a court would use a mother's cancer diagnosis as a factor in determining custody. I personally know several women who fought breast cancer and mothered their children. I believe that taking children away from their mother is hurtful and to a mother who is battling breast cancer, it can be a reason to give up the fight to win the battle against cancer.

Alaina has plenty of support if she should need it to care for her children should her health deteriorate. As of today, although her cancer is stage 4, it is contained. Her health is good. The fact that a judge is looking at a parent's health to determine custody is absurd.

If no cancer exists in either parent, will parents have to undergo blood tests to see if one is at a higher risk of heart disease because their cholesterol is too high? Maybe judges will start targeting obese parents because certainly they are at a higher risk of either becoming ill or dying prematurely from being obese? Yes, this all sounds ridiculous but so is a judge taking custody away from a mother who has breast cancer.

Alaina Giordano is battling breast cancer which is horrible enough. She should not have to be fighting to keep her children because she has breast cancer.

If this story outrages you, please take the time to sign the petition to help overturn this ridiculous ruling.

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