Alaina Giordano on Dr.Drew

Alaina Giordano, the mom with breast cancer who lost custody because of her diagnosis, will be on Dr.Drew tonight (Monday) on HLN (a CNN channel).

If you are a regular follower of this blog then you know Alaina's story. Dr.Drew is just the latest show that Alaina has appeared on. Her first media attention came from a local ABC affiliate in Durham, North Carolina.

From there, the story got national attention and the Facebook page set up by her friend has grown to almost 20,000 supporters.

You do not need to be a woman, a mom or a breast cancer survivor to feel for Alaina. Most people feel that unless a parent is horribly abusive that they should be a part of their children's lives.

This case is getting attention because it is not your typical he said/she said divorce battle. A JUDGE made this case about Alaina's breast cancer. Judge Nancy Gordon ruled that because of this mother's breast cancer diagnosis she wasn't "comfortable" with the children staying with their mother.

So many people have shared their own personal stories of either surviving cancer and parenting their child or being the child of a mother who had breast cancer. No one who lived through it said they wish they had been taken away from their mother or that they wish someone would have taken their children away from them.

Life is not perfect. Cancer doesn't discriminate. Yes, it is sad and emotionally heart-wrenching when someone you love (even your mother or father) has cancer and one day they get sick and die.

No one can predict when you may become unable to care for your kids. No one can predict anything. Alaina has stage 4 cancer that is contained. Cancer is not a daily part of her childrens' lives. Anyone who knows Alaina knows this.

This is a case where a man outlawyered a woman and got lucky enough to have a judge who either wasn't paying attention or is just cold and doesn't care about the best interests of the children.

Alaina's new attorney will be filing an appeal for her and I hope that all the prayers and positive thoughts that are being sent her way will result in this ruling being modified or overturned so that Alaina's children will be able to stay where they want to be- with their mother.

to donate to help with legal/medical costs for alaina click here

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