The Battle Continues

Happily I can finally say that Alaina Giordano has a team of attorneys who are filing an appeal on her behalf. This is the next step in overturning the horrendous ruling made against her (and her children) by Judge Nancy Gordon.

Below is a note left on Alaina's support page on Facebook:

May 24, 2011 -- DURHAM, N.C. -- Attorneys for Alaina Giordano today filed an appeal in the General Court of Justice, District Court Division, Durham County, formally challenging the ruling by Judge Nancy Gordon that awarded custody of her children to their father.

In the order, the judge cited Giordano's illness -- she currently is battling Stage 4 breast cancer, but the condition is stable -- as the primary reason for the custody decision. In the wake of the decision and the public outcry expressed on behalf of Ms. Giordano, a team of attorneys from Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey and Leonard stepped forward to manage her appeal.

"Today, my attorneys have filed an appeal on my behalf and are exhausting every avenue to help me keep my children here at their home in Durham," said Giordano. "It is absolutely outrageous -- and unprecedented -- that a court would cite my illness as the reason to take my children from me, and uproot them from their home. I am confident that we will prevail."

Today's filing is the first step reversing the custody order -- though time is of the essence. In her order, Judge Gordon set a date of June 17 for the children's father, Kane Snyder, to bring them on the 800-mile journey to his home near Chicago, IL.

To donate to the fund for Alaina's medical and legal expenses, click the link below
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To me, this case is not just another ugly divorce and custody battle. When Judge Nancy Gordon used Alaina Giordano's breast cancer diagnosis as a reason to take her children away, it became a totally different kind of case.
It takes two to make or break a marriage. This case and the outrage that ensued once it went public is not about a marriage gone bad; it is about a vindictive man (sorry- that is how I see it) who is not considering what is best for his children (or has any feelings of compassion for the mother of these children) and somehow found a judge who is just as cold-hearted as he is.
Remarkably - this judge is a woman.
I know that with a good legal team I believe that Alaina will get justice for her children. I believe that the right thing will be done. If I was Alaina, I wouldn't waste my time packing her children's bags. I predict that they will be staying in Durham with their mom - where they belong!
Please continue to support Alaina by leaving her messages of hope and faith. All the support is what is helping her to be strong during this battle!

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