Times are hard for many people. No one knows this more than I do. No matter what your circumstances are, if you are on the Internet and you are able to read a story about someone who is in need, you probably can do more than you think to help them.

The Internet is full of stories of hard-luck and of course, it is impossible to help everyone whose story touches you. I get that.

My last blog post outraged many people because it appeared that I said that donating money was the only way that you could help a mom with breast cancer appeal a ruling that will have her children move away from her.

A reader also took my comment about liking a page and offering prayers as not doing enough. My comments were misunderstood. It certainly shouldn't have been taken that money was all Alaina is looking for. I don't speak for Alaina and I certainly do not want to do anything that would hurt the support she has received.

God gives us all the power and resources to actively help people like Alaina Giordano. I was simply urging people to get involved. The petition to the governor has over 100,000 signatures. That is fabulous but it didn't happen until after her story got national attention. In addition to this petition, she needs good legal representation. That costs money.

I apologize if I offended anyone. It certainly was not my intent. My passion about the injustice of this case gets the best of me.

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