The Truth Behind the Alaina Giordano Custody Case

Alaina Giordano should not lose her children because she has breast cancer.

This Facebook page has nearly 20,000 likes. The fund set up by a friend of Alaina's to help with her legal and medical expenses is a little more than halfway to the goal of raising $10,000.

If everyone who "liked" the page sent $1 via Paypal, the fund would be in great shape. For some reason, people are hesitant to part with a few dollars (a few dollars would help) and instead most post how they are "praying" for her.

Recently I responded to a post about offering a link to the judge's 27 page ruling in the case. Anyone who has ever gone through a divorce and custody matter in the courts knows how 27 pages is not a big deal when you are talking about dissolving a marriage and determining custody of minor children.

We all have heard stories about fathers or mothers who were "wronged" by the system. In this case, hearing that a judge would rule that because a mother has breast cancer she cannot have custody of her kids is just so unbelievable. We can believe that a man (or woman) would try to use whatever they can in a divorce/custody battle in order to be vindictive or seek revenge. When a judge sides with someone who obviously has no compassion for the mother/father of their own children it is outrageous.

Why can't people "get it" that sometimes if you cannot afford good legal counsel, you can get screwed in a divorce case? Imagine it. You are sitting in court, thinking that you have a lawyer and he/she will take care of you and do everything legally possible to make sure that your rights are protected. You sit there stunned as your soon-to-be ex makes accusations that your own attorney does not object to. Then when it becomes your side's turn to speak, your lawyer's concerns are not heard by the judge. You have assembled character witnesses and they are not heard by the court. The judge basically hears a biased, one-sided tale and makes her decision based on that.

Not only does she not hear your side out, but then she discriminates against you because of your cancer diagnosis. No one with cancer, even someone on their deathbed, knows when they will die.

Alaina's breast cancer diagnosis is irrelevant. Her cancer is contained. Cancer should not be a factor in whether or not you can parent your children. Yes, the day may come when Alaina gets ill and cannot care for her children. She has a network of good friends and family ready to step in and help her when that time comes. That time is not now. Alaina is a typical mom of a two. She does everything that every other mom does. 

No one has an expiration date stamped on the bottom of their foot. How can a judge choose one parent over the other because one has cancer? That is what this judge did. She didn't take into consideration that for this mother to move out of state she would lose her doctors and her support system of friends.

The judge did not ask these children if they even wanted to move away from their school, their friends and the life that they know. The judge didn't even ask them how they felt about being away from their mother. 

The judge certainly didn't consider the fact that the father of these children had moved out of state, away from his children and saw them sporadically. 

The judge knew that the mother does not have the financial resources to relocate in another state where she knows no one. She didn't care. 

The judge was biased about the mother's breast cancer diagnosis. Period. 

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