Some People Just Plain Suck

After being without a car for several months, my wonderful husband with the help of some unnamed family members surprised me with this new car. Okay, it isn't brand-new but I am the third owner and it is in excellent condition. 

I am not someone who is "into" material possessions and to me, a car serves a purpose but I fell in love with my Acura Integra from the moment I first drove it. 

I have had it now for one week and I think before I go anywhere with it and I park as far away from everyone or any hazard because this car is in perfect shape. As a matter of fact, my husband took it for gas yesterday and someone offered him $4500 for it. He said no. The guy even drove past our house to take another look at it. How weird is that?

Well, people suck because I just went outside to wash my car and as I was going around the front driver's side, I noticed a huge dent that was not there earlier. 

I literally cried. Who would do this? My car was in perfect shape and now I have quite a noticeable dent that could only have been done deliberately. It is bleeping daylight and although I know no neighborhood is perfect, mine is hardly a high-crime area. 

I am pissed. I am so angry and I just feel frustrated. Who would do this? I know that some people don't teach their kids right from wrong and basically raise them to not have any respect for anything or anyone. Was it some "hoodlum" as we jokingly refer to young kids who frequently play in the school yard across from my home?

Was it one of the riff-raff that frequents the apartments where drug deals go on a block away from me? 

Does it really matter? 

It just disgusts me that someone would have such little respect for other people's property. 

Kind of ruined my day. Some people just plain suck.

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