Should Alaina Win Her Appeal?

I have written before about Alaina Giordano and her fight to get a judge's decision reversed that gave custody to her children to her ex Kane Snyder.

I have tried to "get the word out" about this case not because I enjoy getting in the middle of a battle between a couple but because of why Alaina lost custody.

I am not a fool. I know that when a marriage goes bad it can get ugly. Alaina is not perfect nor is Kane. This is not a fair fight because Kane and Judge Nancy Gordon have used two factors against Alaina which should not be a part of any custody/divorce case.

 Factor #1
Alaina is a stay at home mom without an income.   There are many women in this country who give up a career to stay home when they have children. Anyone who knows Alaina personally knows that she is a college-educated woman who did work earlier in her marriage to Kane and actually supported them while he pursued his education.

 Factor #2
Alaina has stage 4 breast cancer which is contained but she cannot give an exact answer to the question "what is your prognosis?".  The fact that a judge is allowed to use anyone's cancer diagnosis as a factor in a custody case is wrong. This is why I got involved in Alaina's fight. This is why I urged others to get involved. If we do not put an end to judges using a parent's illness as a reason to give custody to the non-ill parent, where will this kind of discrimination end?

I have read many of the comments that people have posted in regards to articles written about Alaina's fight. There has been tons of criticism about Alaina exploiting her children by taking her plea to social networks and the media. What parent wouldn't fight for their children using any means possible?

There are other criticisms that say people rush to judgment about this case without knowing the whole story. Yes, if you read the 27 page order, there are accusations made about Alaina and about Kane. This is not about adultery accusations - this is about an unemployed woman with breast cancer who is being discriminated against BECAUSE SHE HAS BREAST CANCER. 

If Alaina did not have cancer, I would not be writing this blog post. She would be like many other women who go through a divorce/custody case and do not get what they want. This isn't about what Alaina did or did not do. This is about discriminating against a parent who has cancer. 

Here is how you can help Alaina Giordano and her children stay together.  

Should Alaina win her appeal?

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