9 Days and Counting-Alaina's fight continues

A request for a stay pending appeal was denied today and Alaina Giordano's attorneys are busy trying to beat the clock. In 9 days, Alaina has to turn her children over to her ex-husband so that he can leave the state with them.

The fact that the judge who heard her request for a stay was the same judge who gave primary custody to her ex was a waste of court time. This judge had absolutely no compassion for Alaina or her children; she never listened to what the children wanted and for some reason, used Alaina's cancer against her.

This woman needs to be thrown off the bench. Her "judgement" is misguided. She has played right into a vindictive man's plans to get back at the wife he could no longer control. 

Kane Synder, if he had any kind of compassion, heart, or love for his children, would have come to a compromise after seeing all the support that Alaina and the children have gotten since this story went public. 

Any REAL man, any REAL father who wanted the best for his children would consider that a child needs to have a mother in their lives. Alaina has cancer but she is not on her deathbed. He USED her cancer as a weapon against her and THE COURT HELPED HIM TO DO SO! 


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