Facebook Drama

Some people use Facebook to air their family’s dirty laundry or show the world how wonderful their life is. Many times a status update gives out too much information.

Just as Anthony Weiner underestimated the visibility of Twitter that would come back to bite him in the ass, people don’t realize that their “sharing” of family drama often makes them look bad or shows their true colors.

Even when posted to sound vague, status updates such as “I’m done trying to be someone I’m not to please family members” often get the poster just what they want – pity and enabling of their narcissistic behavior.

Believe me, this person hardly tries to please family members; if anything she has been going out of her way to try and shock the world about her life choices. She will try and please family members if there is something in it for her. 

This girl is headed for some rough times. Anyone who is familiar with the choices she is making pretty much feels the same way. Some young people who were raised in a controlling atmosphere often make poor choices once they are on their own. Not to blame poor parenting choices but it can affect how a young adult may not accept responsibility for their actions and may explain their lack of respect for those who raised them. 

A child is a blessing no matter what but if a parent raises that child to believe that the sun rises and sets just for them they grow up with a false sense of their own importance. They grow into demanding, self-absorbed adults. When it is all about you, compassion for others is non-existent. When you are used to being the center of attention you often create drama to keep yourself in the spotlight. Then when someone dares to criticize your behavior, you cut them out of your life just for their being honest. 

Your upbringing is a small part of who you become. Some people are just born to be self-centered and even when a parent tries to remind them that life is not all about them it does no good. 

The self-absorbed, egotistical person has no room for honest self-reflection. In their world, they are a victim of others; they cannot be held accountable for their actions because they have done nothing wrong.
Blaming others is easier than owning up to making a bad choice. They surround themselves with people who agree with them and shun those who are bold enough to tell them the truth. 

These kinds of people usually have trouble maintaining honest relationships because of their inability to admit to being wrong. Although they cannot see it, the relationships that they do have are phony ones. As long as someone agrees with their behavior; they maintain the relationship. The sad part is that many times the self-absorbed person has no clue that their “friends” may appear to support them but behind their backs they talk about them. 

Personally I think that in many families there are those individuals whose drama is self-inflicted. Walking away from a family member whose drama only causes conflict is necessary for your own self-preservation. When you know being honest with a person is only going to cause more trouble, it is best to just steer clear of the person in question. It hurts, especially when you once had a relationship with the family member. 
It is also hard to sit back and watch the slow self-destruction via Facebook but when you accept that people have to make their own mistakes it makes it easier.

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