Ava sweetly slept on me that first night, Christmas Eve. I have to admit that I was totally shocked that he brought this kitten home to me. 
Ava had been abused and her little gray tail had been broken. She spent most of the first few days with us in our bedroom and slowly ventured out and explored the rest of the house and "met" our other cats.

Ava did just fine with the other cat in the house and even though she was so much tinier, she holds her own.

It took nearly 9 months for Ava to get more comfortable around others in our household and I really hoped that some day she would be the lap kitty I longed for.

Unfortunately, Ava got out of the house several days ago. We have been unable to "catch" her and after trying a trap and surrounding her, we still cannot get her in the house. During the day we allow her big brother Pokey to watch out for her. The first day she was outside she stayed by his side but wouldn't follow him into the house. I hope that she will find her way back to our house and we can manage to get her back inside. Until then, I don't think I am going to stop worrying about her. She is a tiny cat and the outside world can be a dangerous place.

Ava is supposed to be "my" kitty but she is overly attached to my hubby. He does spoil her rotten though he would never admit it.

 She loves to be in the window, watching the squirrels and birds outside.
 This past Christmas we had a real tree. Ava took advantage of exploring it before we decorated (and after).
Again, being curious.

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