Happy Endings?

Several weeks ago when I first met Alaina Giordano and discussed her plight, I told her that once this story went national, people would be outraged. How could they not be?

Alaina, who has stage 4 breast cancer, lost primary custody of her children because of her cancer diagnosis.

I spent hours interviewing Alaina, first through emails and then by phone. I felt for her and although I knew that she had made mistakes during their marriage (she had an affair) I felt (and I still do) that her children belong with her in North Carolina.

Anyone who makes themselves familiar with this case can see that Kane Synder is just trying to exert control over Alaina the same way he did when they were married. If he truly cared about these children, there would be no story.

Why this case is more than an ugly divorce story is simple. Judge Nancy Gordon made it that way.

She (the judge) ruled that she was uncomfortable with the idea that Alaina cannot pinpoint when she may become too ill to care for her children. Alaina cannot give a date when she will die.

Nevermind the idea that in North Carolina, the children have a stable life. They are in good schools, they are part of the community and their mother is the one who made this life possible for them. She is the one who has been there for them, involved in their schooling, extra-curricular activities and also has built up a support system to help care for the children in case the time comes where she is unable to because of her cancer.

Alaina is currently not suffering. Her cancer is contained. Her treatments are working and no one knows what the future brings. You cannot look at cancer and make any judgment as far as how someone will do. Cancer is unpredictable. Life is unpredicatable.

Divorce is ugly and when children are involved sometimes a spouse will use them as weapons. This is unfair and sick. When the court system helps a vindictive parent by using a parent's illness as a reason to separate a mother and her children then total strangers need to get involved! 

This is why I continue to write about Alaina and her children. I don't care if people get sick and tired of me writing about this cause. Unless we use our freedom to speak our minds in order to protest what we see as an injustice, we will lose whatever rights we have. When something is wrong we need to stand up and say so. 

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