Dangers of Irresponsible Behavior

Ryan Dunn, 34, of "Jackass" fame, died in a fiery car crash in Pennsylvania. An unidentified passenger died also. read more about the crash here

Alcohol was most likely a factor in the crash as hours before, Ryan tweeted a picture of himself drinking what appears to be an alcoholic beverage.

Adult fans of Ryan Dunn are not surprised at his early death; most adults are smart enough to know the dangers of drinking and drug use when combined with fast cars. What concerns me are the more impressionable teenage fans of Jackass.

As a mom of one of them, once the shock of it all wears off for her, there will be some serious talking done in my household. I have always had very open and honest communication with my daughter and this has continued into her teen years.

She knows how I feel about drinking and driving. We have a 16 year old family member who died because a teenage driver drove recklessly. (there were no drugs or alcohol involved)see Jennifer's story

My daughter has been to the celebration of life at Jennifer's grave and volunteered at fundraising dinners for the scholarship fund created in her memory. She has seen my cousin's pain from losing her only child to a tragic car accident. I want her to think and see the raw pain of loss. Too many teens think that they are invincible.

I have tolerated my daughter's interest in Jackass although much of it I find disturbing. I have a pretty good sense of humor and although I find a lot of it to be funny, I really think that it is not enough to say "don't try this at home". Too many kids do. As a divorced parent, I could have banned her from watching the Jackass movies and television show but honestly, she would have watched it at her dad's house.

I think that she "gets it" that Ryan Dunn's accident was no accident. If you drive while under the influence the risk increases of you getting hurt or in this case, crashing and burning to death.

What a horrible way to go. How sad and tragic it is for his family. Ryan Dunn was 34 years old. I get the idea that his career as a stuntman encouraged him to perform crazy tricks and shock people. The problem is that the line between acting and reality was never drawn for him. Perhaps it was because he could not control his substance use.

I believe in living each moment to the fullest because honestly, we do not know when our time will be up. I do not believe that means you should behave in irresponsible ways.

My daughter was hit hard by the news of Ryan Dunn's death. I just hope that instead of Ryan Dunn becoming some kind of hero that he becomes the poster child (adult) for why driving under the influence is never a good idea.

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