Joplin Missouri Faces Deadly Fungus Threat

When 911 happened, rescue workers rushed to Ground Zero without any thought for their own safety in order to try and find survivors.
Months and years later, these special people found out that the exposure to the air and environment at Ground Zero caused them to develop serious health problems. Respiratory diseases and cancers were a direct result of their exposure. 

Now residents and rescuers in Joplin, Missouri are facing a threat of a deadly fungus. Fungus Mucormycosis sounds frightening and it is. Many have died from this and there is no cure.

For those who survived the E5 tornado on May 22, 2011, life has taken on a new reality. Many are dealing with homelessness and those whose homes were not destroyed are dealing with trying to make repairs to make their homes safe and habitable.
The threat of this fungus just seems to add more stress to the survivors’ daily struggles. 

Here in the Northeast, we hear little about the aftermath of the Joplin tornado. Yesterday I did see something on the national news about the huge amount of homeless pets. Shelters set up for the survivors do not allow pets so that is just one reason for the high number. 

Knowing a survivor of the Joplin tornado I am getting a glimpse of what life is actually like for those who have lived through this natural disaster. At times it seems hopeless and unless you have lived through a natural disaster you cannot imagine what the struggle is like.

I don’t even know what to do to help my friend Susan. Living several states away there isn’t much I can do.
The one way I do know how to help Susan is to help promote her work. Susan writes articles and a blog about her experience with rescuing cats. She is also a very knowledgeable gardener and her gardening blog and articles have helped me figure out what I am doing wrong.
She sells various products on Zazzle which come from her wonderful photographs of the rescued cats, beautiful gardens and Missouri countryside.
So if you want to make a difference in helping a real person, whose life was dramatically changed by the Joplin tragedy, read Susan’s blog, check out her Zazzle store and know that you are making a direct difference in someone’s life.  

Susan's About Me Page   links to Susan’s online articles, blogs, etc.
Susan's tips about Caring for a Cat with Aids  a link to Susan’s tips on caring for cats. This blog has many links to her helpful tips. Even if your cat does not have feline aids, I am sure you will find info that will help with your cat. Even a long-time cat owner like me has learned some helpful info from Susan. Plus Susan does great product reviews on cat products.

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