It Was His Weiner After All

You may expect a teenager to participate in sexting but when an elected official does it you wonder what "brain" he is using.

Maybe the "brain" he is using is the one that he sent pictures of using Twitter.

This from a married man who represents New York State and was talked about as a possible mayoral candidate.

Posting pictures of your "weiner" via Twitter is just plain stupid. Today he apologized, said although he has flirted with many women online and is unaware of their ages (hmmm. why is he throwing that fact out there?) but he never cheated on his wife.

Yea and oral sex isn't really sex either, right??

how to know if you have an addiction to sex

You know something? I really don't care if Anthony Weiner cheats on his wife or not but there is a code of ethics that as an elected official he is supposed to abide by. He got caught. He admits to it. Fire his ass.

Rep. Weiner admits the truth

He can shed all the tears he wants but sexting is a punishable crime. Thirteen year olds have been labeled sexual predators for doing the same thing. This is a 46 year old adult. You would think that he would know better.

What's with these men? Arnold, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, the list goes on and on. Do they think that they are above everyone else?

John Edwards is now facing felony charges for using campaign money as hush/support money for his mistress and illegitimate daughter. He says he didn't do anything wrong. PLEASE. You know damn well you did, you think your brilliant lawyering skills will let you escape but it is time to face the music.

This country is in such a mess. Do we really need these politicians whose egos are so huge that they cheat on their wives and behave in ways that are immorally corrupt? There should have been an immediate investigation when this story broke. Why do we continue to give these guys the opportunity to decide whether they stay or go?

I just don't get it.

The Fallout of Arnold's Illegitimate Child

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