Just Another Day in the Life

Some days it is easier than others to laugh at the obstacles that are thrown my way. There are other days when the darkness of depression tries to creep into my being and I am unable to fight my way out.

Distraction is my tool to deal with unpleasant emotions and fear. I write my articles, blog posts and read. I throw myself into projects not denying the thoughts that are trying to bring me down but to not allow them the power over me. 

Sometimes I am successful and other times I am not. 

Yesterday I decided that a haircut would help to make me feel better. I even entrusted my 15 year old daughter to attempt to learn how to cut hair. It is only hair and no matter what, I am pretty confident that mine will grow back. 

After making several guided cuts, Emmi gave up. That’s okay, I assured her, and I finished the job myself. From the raggedy look of my hair, any cutting would be an improvement. (I was pleased with the outcome-even though I dropped out, I still learned something in beauty school)

Even though the miserable weather which emphasized the pain in my back threatened my mood, I overcame it. The key is that I continued to fight back. 

As always, giving in or giving up is not an option!

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