The Battle is Not Over (but Karma is a BITCH ) just sayin'

I feel a sense of sadness as the 17th of June approaches. June 17th is the day that Alaina Giordano has to relinquish custody of her 6 year old son and 11 year old daughter to her ex-husband. 

Kane Synder will be taking the children out of Durham, North Carolina to live with him in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. 

I can only imagine Alaina’s heartbreak. 

The fight is not yet over. 

Although Alaina requested a stay which would have kept the children with her while her appeal is pending, Judge Nancy Gordon denied her request. This did not come as a surprise but even so, it is difficult to swallow.

So many people have been helping Alaina with her fight to keep her children after Judge Nancy Gordon used her cancer diagnosis as a factor in determining custody of the children.

Many stories have been written about Alaina and Kane since the Facebook support page was first started. 

As I have stated many times in my blog and articles I have written for Associated Content/Yahoo, this is so much more than an ugly divorce and custody battle. 

The custody of these two minor children was based upon the fact that Alaina Giordano has Stage4 breast cancer. Read the ruling people. 

I don’t care if Alaina had an affair while she was married. Alaina never lied to me and to me, I didn’t care about her imperfections as a wife. This case is not about cheating. Kane cheated also. Probably more than Alaina did but guess what, it doesn’t matter.

Judge Nancy Gordon did not give primary custody to Kane Synder because Alaina Giordano had an affair. 

Judge Nancy Gordon gave primary custody to Kane Synder because he doesn’t have breast cancer. 

Alaina Giordano was discriminated against because she doesn’t know when she may get too ill to care for her children even though today she is well and the only active parent in these children’s lives.

I am a mom also. I have been through divorce and although I fortunately never faced a battle over custody of my children, I know that losing custody of them would have killed me. My ex-husband was also a real man unlike Kane Synder. Although our marriage didn't work, my ex-husband respected me as the mother of his children. Alaina's ex doesn't. 

I don’t have breast cancer and I wasn’t sick when I went through a divorce. No one can control whether or not they get a horrible disease and when it is used against you in a court of law, well, that is just unbelievable and wrong.

This is why when I first spoke to Alaina I believed so strongly that this wrong would be overturned. Now as the day comes closer than Kane is legally able to take these children from their mother, I feel sad for her and her children. 

I still believe that justice will prevail. Children need to have a relationship with their mother. Alaina has been the primary caregiver of these children not Kane Synder. 

Alaina we are still behind you, fighting for what is right. I wish you strength as the next few days are going to be so difficult to bear. I know that you will have good friends with you in Durham standing by your side while you continue this fight. 

Stay strong Alaina.

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