Dog Days of Summer

I know how to get the political parties to agree on how to fix this economic mess. The problem is that none of them would agree to it. 

Let's freeze their pay- IMMEDIATELY, maybe even knock down their salaries, no more lifetime benefits and stricter limits on terms and then see how much "extra" money we have.

Let's stop giving "aid" to countries like Pakistan and give that aid to the people of this country. 

I am not talking about allowing anyone to sit back, not work and live off the government but there are far too many people who need a helping hand and cannot get a finger.

When you have to lose everything and still beg the government for help, there is something very wrong about that.

No one in this country should die because they cannot afford health care. To qualify for medicaid is not something that everyone can do. In New Jersey, our wonderful governor has helped to eliminate eligibility for many who desperately need it. What about these people? Why doesn't anyone care?

This is a youth-obsessed society (which really makes no sense to me- everyone ages) and for many who are over 40 and looking for work have seen discrimination over their age. 

The president says we need to do something about jobs (wow- this guy is quick) but this has been a problem that could have been solved a long time ago by fining American companies that sent jobs overseas. 

I could go on and on but when I happen to see a politician on the news, dressed in his/her fancy suits talking about the economy I get angry. They do not have a clue. 

They have food on their tables, no one is threatening to garnish their meager paycheck and they know they have a job and don't have to worry about becoming too old and getting replaced. They are supposed to represent us but they don't. 

We NEED to pay more attention when it comes time to vote. Washington does not care about the little guy and the little guy is getting trampled.  

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