Frustrations of a writer

Ever since I started writing online I have had to adapt to the rules and style of the site that I was writing for. 

The tried and true rule was always to not make it too personal meaning no one really wants to read an article that is full of "me, me, me". It has been challenging at times to relay personal experience without getting personal but I think I have managed. (oops - I said "I")

Ever trying to evolve in the world of writing I applied for a blogging position that I felt was right up my alley. Parenting is something I know and living in New Jersey, writing for a local publication is a good step for me to take. 

Imagine my surprise and disgust when I got rejected because my writing samples (from one of the many sites I write for) came across to them as "dry" and "reporter-like". Hello? That is what the site contains; maybe they should have looked around at other parenting pieces.

So, one step back and a bit wiser for it. I did read other people's blogs before I submitted my application. Don't have a clue how they got accepted but hey, what do I know?

If you are reading this I would appreciate it if you took a minute and left me a comment or answer to this question- do you really care how "personal" my articles are? and what is too personal?

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