Alaina's Battle Continues

When a family breaks up, it is the children who are the ultimate victims.  (read here ) 

I have been divorced twice but never went through a custody hearing. Although my first two marriages did not work out, I was able to amicably work out a schedule for my children that was fair to them. I am blessed and I know this. It is not my children's fault that their dad(s) and I failed at marriage and to this day, we work at putting their needs first.

I cannot say that it is always easy. 

Yesterday I re-read the court documents from the divorce trial of Alaina Giordano. People do not know the back-story behind this divorce and if you just read the 27 page document you will think that Alaina is a horrible person.

read the order here 

Alaina is not perfect. She admitted to me that she had made many mistakes which she regrets but honestly, who can judge how they would react in her situation?

Imagine knowing there is something going on in your body but being misdiagnosed. By the time you get a diagnosis it is for stage 4 cancer. 

Meanwhile, you are in a marriage that is quickly disintegrating and you are trying to be a good mom to two children in the midst of this. 

You also relocate as a family to a state where you know no one. You develop friendships and support systems, your children are thriving and you finally figure out how to treat your cancer and then you are blindsided by divorce.

A judge heartlessly discriminates against you for having the misfortune of getting breast cancer and says since you do not even have a job and you cannot tell the court how long you have to live, your ex husband can relocate the children to the Chicago area. Alaina is free to start over in the Chicago area but how do you do that when you are battling to win a war against cancer?

Breast Cancer Mom Loses Custody 

To support Alaina and help her in this battle, go to the fan page made for her. 

Alaina Giordano Should Not Lose Her Children Because She Has Breast Cancer 

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  1. Taking them away for having breast cancer? A tragedy.