Custody decisions are never easy for a court to make. Divorces can often be ugly with a lot of name-calling and accusations being thrown around. Most people are aware of this.

The divorce case of Alaina Giordano and Kane Synder became one that was tried in the social media and although there was plenty of passion, anger and support for Alaina when her story went viral, many have let go of the cause. I have kept Alaina's cause in my mind but unfortunately, I have not been as active as I was in the beginning. In my defense all I can say is that my life got in the way of my activism.

Last I was in touch with Alaina, she was awaiting the appeal her attorneys had filed in her behalf that would fight the court ruling that awarded Kane the ability to move their two children to Chicago.

Alaina had asked for a stay, meaning that the children could stay at home in North Carolina while she awaited the appeal.

Unfortunately the stay was denied and the children were forced to go to Chicago to prepare to start school.

Just a few days ago the children were put on a plane and were flown to their new home with their father in Chicago. Sofia,the 11 year old, was forced to get on the plane. It must have been a horrendous and heartbreaking sight to see this child be torn from her mother.

I cannot imagine how Alaina is dealing with this.

I do not know how Sofia and Bud are currently coping with their new living situation. I cannot imagine that it is going well.

This is cruelty. Plain and simple.

The court system and Judge Nancy Gordon decided these children's lives without even asking them how they felt. An 11-year old child should be able to speak their mind.

ABC News and others have done recent reports on this story and although some comments accuse the reporters of bias, the truth is not in the court papers but in asking what these children have lived with the past few years.

Kane Synder and Alaina Giordano's relationship got very ugly. The fact is that Alaina was the parent who was there for the children. Kane Synder may have provided financial support but it takes more than money to raise a child. Alaina provided what the children needed and now that has been ripped from these children.

Yes, Alaina has stage4 cancer. No one knows how her health will change and people who just assume that because of her diagnosis she cannot mother her children have made the wrong assumption.

Alaina was able to fight for her cause (retaining custody and keeping her children in North Carolina) in spite of her cancer diagnosis. Does that sound like someone who is a death's door?

Many accuse Alaina of being wrong for taking her fight public. Firstly, it was NOT Alaina who did this, it was a friend.

Secondly, any parent who felt wronged in a court of law and wanted to protect their child should and would do ANYTHING to get help. I know I would scream from the rooftops, begging others to come to my aid should I have ever been in Alaina's position.

My children are my life also.

What many people just don't get is that not helping Alaina's children could have an effect on other cases in the future. Courts and attorneys will refer to this case in the future. A parent with cancer is not as capable a parent as one who does not have cancer.

Yes, there were other factors in this case but when it came down to making a decision, Alaina's cancer swayed the judge and the court to side with moving the children from their home and their security to live with the unknown.

Cruelty against children by the system that is supposed to protect them; have the children's best interests in mind- NO. Not in this case.

The fight is not over. There still is an appeal and I still have hope that someone in North Carolina's judicial system will see the horrible mistake that has been made.

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