Fathers Rights Mothers Rights -What About the Kids?

I really do not like lawyers. How can some of them feel good about what they do?

Take the attorney who is representing Alaina Giordano's ex-husband. Sure he is getting paid to fight for his client but does it feel good to him that he helped his client rip two innocent children away from their mother?

As I watched snippets of Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show today, I got angry. Super angry.

Alaina Giordano was a guest on his show and they were discussing ugly custody battles.

I have written about Alaina before. I consider Alaina to be a friend although we have not met in person. I have spent enough hours on the phone with her to know who she is.

She is a mom. She is a woman who was in a bad, bad relationship and made some terrible errors in judgement. Guess what? We all make mistakes.

The truth is that their relationship, cancer aside, was ugly on both sides. It was the judge who used Alaina's cancer as a deciding factor for custody and also lacked any kind of compassion when she made her ruling.

The decision should have been made with the children's best interests in mind. It wasn't.

If Alaina did not have cancer, perhaps it might have been easier for her to relocate to a state where she knows no one. But Alaina does have cancer.

How can a judge (or anyone) expect a woman who is in treatment for cancer to just up and leave her program and start over somewhere else? She would have to start over and it could affect her health in a bad way.

People with children get divorced all the time and they live near enough to each other to share custody of their children. It is in the best interests of the children to have two parents in their lives.

When a couple cannot agree, it is the court's job to step in and play mediator. There was no mediation here. No one thought of what was in the best interest of the children.

Alaina was their primary caregiver all of their lives. They were ripped away from that when they were forced to move to Chicago leaving their mom behind. That is cruel.

This is not justice and the saddest part of it all is how much emotional and psychological damage has been done to these two children. Who is listening to their cries?

Alaina is still fighting and I plan on asking her what I can do to help. I really don't know. I thought for sure if she got national exposure her ex would back down, become a man and think of his children.

I was wrong.

Alaina's supporters continue to fight but at the end of the day, will we be able to save her children and repair the damage that has been done? I sure hope so. Hope is all I have left.

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