The name of my blog is Daily Bitch. Sure I could probably log on daily and find something to "bitch" about. I mean, who couldn't?

The thing is that I am not such a negative person (normally) who could find stuff to "bitch" about daily.

I really am able to just let a lot roll off of me.

Most of the time.

After two days offs (my "weekend" at the end of most people's work weeks) I worked today. I don't really care too much about working on a Saturday.

I work from home and I work in my pajamas. That is the easy part.

The tough part is working for a call center. I have talked (bitched) about it before and I happily can say it is a temporary position.

I WOULD NEVER DO THIS AS A PERMANENT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a paycheck but there are limits.

It isn't just the rude customers that get to me but the ones who consider me responsible for any customer service related issue they have, no matter who they spoke to before. Whatever any other rep does becomes MY fault when I answer the phone.

I resent that and as someone who has been a customer, I would NEVER DO THAT to someone.

I get the idea that a CSR is JUST an employee. Yes, they represent a company but I am smart enough to know that they do not create the policies and they certainly are NOT responsible for what their co-workers may tell a customer.

Unfortunately in life you run across people who just are not that considerate, intelligent or nice. Many people often do not think about what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes.

If you follow my blog or read it every now and again, stop and think how you treat total strangers that you may come across as you go through life. We all get angry, frustrated and annoyed but when you feel like lashing out at someone- stop and think about it first. Is there are better way to get your point across?

Customer service reps in a call center setting often get a bad rap but consider the idea that perhaps they are not as well-trained as they should be, they may be doing the best job they can and/or maybe, just maybe they have been trying to deal with people who are blaming them for their own mistakes or errors of another company representative.

The bottom line is - does it really hurt so badly to be kind to strangers?

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