Bittersweet Anniversary

Three years ago today I bitched about having to work on Black Friday. Not that I was going to go shopping or anything like that but I longed to have a four-day weekend.

Little did I know that I would be getting that four-day weekend and then some.

I went into work that morning and was told that it would be my last day of work as my boss had no choice but to close down the business.

I remember spending much of that morning in a state of shock and panic. Less than a month before Christmas and I was to be unemployed. How would we get by? How long would it take to get my first unemployment check? How long before I would find something else? The questions flooded my mind and although the idea of having some time off was appealing, I had no idea that 3 years later I would still be unemployed.

As I remember back to that day I still have anger towards my former employer. He knew for months that he would be going out of business. He looked me and the other employees in the eye and lied to us for months.

He tried to justify his actions by telling me that I "knew" things were bad. I managed the business but I certainly was not "in the know" of just how bad the financial situation was.

It still bothers me that he didn't allow any of us to prepare for what he knew was inevitable. He took a consulting job and left us on our own and that was a clue to us that things were bad. He abandoned us and let us go down with the ship. I hate liars. He was out for himself and no one else.

Because of my experience I no longer will be the kind of employee who lives to make others rich. I recently did a temporary seasonal position for a company who expected their employees to be available 24/7 during their busy season. I made it clear to them that I agreed to work a certain shift and when that shift was over I was unavailable to them.

I may be struggling financially but I am done being a doormat.

Some might say that my attitude is what is keeping me for new employment. That is only partially true.

I am a damn good worker and I have proven that in the past. What I am not is someone who is going to be taken advantage of again. Been there, done that.

The past three years have been tough ones. I have suffered medical issues which were only tougher because of having no medical insurance. I have had to declare bankruptcy partially because "charity" care does not pay for much.

I have learned to survive and stay hopeful even when all hope seems to be gone.

I have been through worse in my life and I keep that in the back of my mind and remember that although it is tough now, I will get through it.

Better days are coming.

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