Black Friday Deals

Personally, I did not go shopping on Black Friday. I think I am boycotting Christmas this year.

It was disturbing enough the morning after Halloween to turn on my television and the first commercial I heard at 6 a.m. was one for Chex mix for the holidays! Complete with Christmas music I just got a bad taste in my mouth.

I get it. The economy stinks!

No one knows this better than I do.

The only employment I have been able to find in the past 3 years was a temporary call center position that I held in the weeks prior to Halloween.

As the television and Internet pushed Black Friday deals, I tuned it all out.

We have plenty of "stuff" and aside from being in need of a new television since our hand-me-down, ancient family room television has died, I have no need to face the crowds, traffic and nonsense to feel a part of it all.

It is important to kick-start our economy but I doubt that getting up at 4 a.m. and shopping will accomplish that.

Like I said, we have enough stuff and Christmas is not about how many presents you can fit underneath your tree anyway.

But, I always was the rebellious type.

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