Creative Expression = Craziness

I need to create. Creating is an escape but it is also a form of expression.

This is why I write and this is why I make wreaths, ornaments, and all the other projects that I do.

There are sometimes when I wake up and I am just "itching" to create something. I used to pour this energy into creating recipes. Since my son took over the cooking duties, I have found other ways of satisfying my "urges". Problem is that what I create is never good enough for me!

This wreath took me about 4 hours to complete. Oh, wait- it is not yet complete! It took 4 hours to get to where it is now. I am hoping that my Facebook friends will give me feedback; not because I need a pat on the back (should they like it) but because I am an artist who is far too critical of myself.

I promised to donate some items to a charity fundraiser. I could just remove a listing or two of existing projects completed but I wanted to create something new.

Unless you are an artist you will not "get" where I am coming from. I know there is no such thing as perfection yet I envisioned things a certain way and want to complete work and be satisfied. It rarely happens.

So, help this artist out by leaving me feedback. I can take honesty! Brutal honesty even. Thanks.

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