You Can't Run From Where You Came From

You can run but you cannot hide. Genetics are stronger than your denial of who or what your family is.

Look around in your own family. Personality traits can magically appear in family members even when that person never met the relative they resemble. We all know that diseases can run in families but personality traits, good and bad, also seem to reappear.

It is kind of like karma. What goes around, comes around.

Divorced parents know what I am talking about. When you notice that annoying little trait in your child that you know he or she "got" from your ex it can make you crazy. Kids who grow up and run as far away as they can from their parents/family may someday find out that they can run but they cannot hide. When their firstborn has those annoying little personality traits of the family they so despise it is then that they cannot deny where it is they "come from".

I also found it amazing how some of my own children "picked up" certain personality defects from family members that they didn't know until long after their individuality was set. We really are not all that unique sometimes. Many times we mimic the very behavior we claim to despise. Many times we are very much like the people we deny are family.

Even those who try hard to deny it will see their child display behaviors that remind them of a grandparent or parent.

Any day now, a baby is going to be born who is related to me. Although this child will grow up not knowing me or his/her maternal grandfather, I bet he/she is going to carry some of our traits. His/her mother may hate us both and deny that we even exist but the last laugh is on us. Her little bundle of joy that she is going to keep away from us just might turn out to be like us.

As sad as it might be to be denied knowing my grandchild when that is all I have looked forward to the last few years, I know that someday my daughter will know the pain she has inflicted upon me. I don't wish for it because I am not a cruel person.

I just know that what comes around goes around.

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