Spring and Renewal

Yay! It is Spring and although here in the Northeast we are jumping into above normal temperatures, I am not complaining.

Spring is a renewal of the Earth and it's subtle signs of blooming flowers and returning colors to our landscape is a reminder of hope.

It is also a reminder that rebirth is possible anytime that you choose it.

I choose it now. The timing to me is just perfect.

I have been stuck in a rut for quite some time ( not going to count how long it has been ) and the time to change my life is NOW.

My life has always been one with honest relationships. This often means that I either piss someone off or I have a small circle of trusted friends. I can handle truth and what I cannot handle is dishonesty and lies. I also cannot handle people who do not own up and face the truth.

I have little patience for weakness in character that way. I never said I was perfect.

I decided that I have spent far too much time crying over the actions of others. Many of these actions have been extremely hateful and outrageous.

You cannot allow anyone to have the power to break you and perhaps I did allow it but now it is time to take back myself.

I cannot fix what has been broken but I can move forward from it and leave the pieces behind.

As I clean up the scattered fall leaves that were not picked up last fall, I will be discarding those painful feelings that threaten to keep me from living the life I deserve. I learned many lessons from this pain but I don't need to hold onto it.

I have the promise of rebirth and renewal all around me. It is time for me to make that happen in my life and live the best life possible. Winter is over.

It is time to spring into a new life!

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  1. You wrote this so well without letting it become gooey or trite. Good attitude to have, and now
    I have a lot of discarding to do -- thanks!