Don't Stop Believing

The days seem to be going by so quickly lately. It is hard to believe that another week is almost done.

This week has been a good one; perhaps because my attitude has changed and I have seen my life follow suit.

After many years of trying (yes, YEARS) I have finally gotten a job outside the home. It meets most of my requirements and although I have not been offered much until now, the time is finally here.

The money is ridiculous but I had long accepted the idea that I shouldn't think only about the money. I mean, how much is ever going to be enough after all?

Sure if I win the Mega Millions lottery tomorrow night my life will drastically change but the chances of that happening are quite slim I am sure.

My requirements for finding a job? First of all it had to be easy to get to. I don't have a car and I hate putting anyone out. This one is close enough to where I live that I can easily get a ride, take a cab or even walk if I had to.

My second requirement was that it would be in an atmosphere that would be fun. Now there isn't going to be the "perfect" fun atmosphere but this one comes close. It is in a retail store that I have always enjoyed going to. It is NOT in the mall which was something I didn't want. I am extremely claustrophobic and being enclosed in the mall would have produced sheer panic.

The hours are extremely part time with it building to more hours several months down the road. Again- perfect for me. I have been self-employed doing my own thing for nearly 4 years. Getting back into the rhythm of working is going to take time and this allows me to ease into it- physically and mentally.

The shifts are relatively short for part time work and that is also something that I needed. I have a physical condition that makes long hours on my feet (or sitting) a painful situation. Hopefully in time I will build up the strength or I will receive treatment that will help me work pain-free.

The other thing about my new job is that I will still have the time to keep up with my self-employment projects. I can still write, blog, sell my vintage items and create whatever I feel like throwing myself into. The best part is that even though it won't be a lot, I can count on a steady paycheck. It is all good.

Things happen when they are meant to and if you hang in there long enough they will come to pass.

Taking on a new job for me is like an actor playing a role. I am excited for the new challenge I am facing and most of all I am grateful for the opportunity. I have been looking for employment for long enough to know that it isn't easy out there. Yes there are jobs but when you have specifications like I do it makes it all the tougher to find what is best for you.

For anyone who is still looking, all I can say is never give up hope. Don't stop believing for one minute that the right thing isn't around the corner. It will happen. I am proof.

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