Waiting for Answers

The media has a way of twisting the truth. Sensationalism has replaced the truth and in these troubled times we are all on edge.

The recent uproar over the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin has much of the country angry and demanding answers.

Did the police department screw up by not doing their job? How does someone gun down an unarmed person, a KID and not even have to give a statement?

In the very beginning when this story hit the news, reports were that the shooter, George Zimmerman was no stranger to the local police department. Captain of his neighborhood watch, Zimmerman had made frequent calls to 911.

I don't know what Sanford Florida is like. I have a hard time imagining that it is like the Old West where people would shoot first and ask questions later. Gee I thought we lived in a civilized society where laws existed?

Not to raise a debate over a citizen's rights to bear arms, I just have to wonder how good of an idea it is.

George Zimmerman sounds like a man who was either paranoid for a reason or someone who didn't trust the local police to keep his neighborhood safe. Either way, I am glad he doesn't live in my neighborhood.

As far as the victim goes, he was a baby in my eyes. He was 17 years old. Even if it turns out that the kid got into trouble in school as reports are now stating, did he deserve to be shot down the way he was?

A friend of Zimmerman's has come forward and said that there was a physical confrontation between Trayvon and Zimmerman. Trayvon did not have a gun. Zimmerman did. Was he so threatened by a taller, younger kid that firing his gun was necessary? I have serious doubts.

Allegedly Trayvon hit Zimmerman and broke his nose. I still don't get why he needed to use his gun. I get the idea that this "kid" was over 6 feet tall. Zimmerman couldn't have gotten away from him? Something is not right here.

If Zimmerman really had been protecting himself why has it taken so long for his side of the story to come out (in bits and pieces).

Why didn't the police come out right away and perhaps they could have kept this from turning into such a media circus? It makes you think that they are trying to hide something. Probably their own incompetance.

I don't know what really happened but I do know that the idea that a private citizen can gun down a kid NO MATTER WHAT is scary. Geraldo's absolutely ignorant comments that his hoodie was partly to blame is so assinine that I cannot even believe the stupidity of it. How does Geraldo even have a job? The man is a joke and to call him a journalist is disgusting and shows how far journalism has sunk.

The comment boards are full of people outraged over Zimmerman being free and also mixed about what the "truth" is about this young man's character.

As a mom of a not-so-perfect teenager all I know is that if I were in Trayvon's parents shoes, I would be making a lot of noise for justice also. I would want the truth to get out there. I would demand answers also. This is America, isn't it?

The answers need to come soon. Like yesterday.

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