Personal Responsibility

Your truth and my truth may be different because your reality is YOUR perception of the truth.

Sometimes we see eye-to-eye and sometimes we don't.

This is why humans cannot seem to get along. Our individual realities are dependent upon how we perceive the truth.

Some people who cannot own up to who they are often blame others for their personal realities. It is funny how those who live to knock others down are often doing so just to build up their own self-esteem that is lacking.

It is also amusing (to me- MY perception) that people are drawn to others who tend to blame others for their realities.

Honesty is not welcome in many peoples' lives. To be honest would mean that they have to "see" the world the way that it is. They would have to admit their part in events and they would have to own up to it.

I chose to travel the less-traveled road and although it has caused me to experience things I'd rather not have, it also made me into who I am today. Stronger for the travel but often weary from it at the same time.

Life is short and I have known this for a long time. This is why I choose to not waste time (if I can help it).

Life doesn't always turn out the way that you wanted/hoped/dreamed. That's okay. I can accept what I cannot change and that includes the perception of others.

There has been an awful lot of "jumping to conclusions" in this world lately. We tend to not educate ourselves fully before we make known our opinion. This is dangerous. Being uninformed can cause us to make choices that we can live to regret.

Things are not always black or white.

The truth is that reality is often unique to the viewer of it. Instead of jumping to condemn, think it through. Listen. Open your eyes, ears and mind.

Life is too short for bullshit and lies and how you perceive YOUR reality affects many more people than you realize.

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