Writers Block

Writing is often like breathing to me and then there are those times where like someone with compromised breathing, I just cannot get the words out.

I know I should update my blogs, clean up a Squidoo lens or perhaps write something new but some days the words just are not there.

Last night I tried to do something different and I watched Stephen King's "Bag of Bones". I love Stephen King, don't get me wrong, but I am getting a bit tired of the same-old scenerio. Writer goes crazy/ senses he is going crazy and finds himself dealing with some supernatural/extra-terrestrial or otherwise "odd" scenerio.

Bag of Bones was awful. I am not a fan of Pierce Brosnon and I really found the characters too familiar to other Stephen King characters. There is always the male writer who drinks too much and has the spouse/girlfriend who supports him. In Bag of Bones the writer's wife is run over by a bus and he discovers that she was pregnant and perhaps was leading a secret life.

The story dragged out way too long with trying to get across how Mike (the writer) was grieving his loss. Like I said, it was typical Stephen King.

The dialogue amongst the characters was very Stephen King and the problem with this mini-series/movie was that the characters/actors/writing just was not that good. It was too stereotypical.

Stephen King (and I cannot BELIEVE I am saying this) got stuck in a rut. His characters mimic each other, his storylines often repeat themselves- save for a few differences here and there. Maybe it is all just getting old.

Hey, not to be overly critical. I get it. It is tough to write about what you know and keep it fresh. Sometimes it is time to break out of your writer's "comfort" zone and try something new. Just sayin'.

For me, blogging is breaking free of the "chains". I write and submit content on several different sites and the reason for that is because of the variation in styles allowed. I just am not the kind of writer who can stick to one style, one topic and produce.

I am not a machine. I am a creative, passionate writer who needs to "feel" something about what I am writing. I hate to repeat myself, even though I often do.

Unlike Stephen King, I don't do fiction (yet). I am considering it; maybe taking real-life and changing the names to protect the innocent (although there are no innocents).

Okay...again, LOST my focus and cannot catch my writing breath.

Oh the life of a writer :)

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